I now declare our Cappello Nero - A True Classic!

New embroidery on our classic Cappello!
photo: Cyclingart

Introducing our new embroidered logo on our Red Dots cycling caps is a game changer for us.

I'm rather surprised and proud of our accomplishment since acquiring the new embroidery machine. It's a huge learning curve to learn the aspects of the free software we acquired online. Our next goal is to acquire the proper embroidery software. Until then, we are adapting and having fun learning the exciting world of embroidery. Look for our new embroidered logo - to be appearing on ALL of our caps. I believe the embroidered Red Dots logo gives our handmade cycling cap that added ...professional look.

Our cycling caps have come a long ways since first introduced back in 2009. The Cappello Nero made it's debut. After four years, we continue on using the durable and comfortable linen/cotton. We changed the brim material, construction and design. And, now we have made it better with the addition of the new embroidered logo!

We are busy clearing remaining stock to make way for our new embroidered caps. Our popular 25-40% Off Sale continues... plenty of excellent cycling deals to be had! 

The new Cappello Nero.
photo: Red Dots Cycling

Nino Defilippis - Carpano's star,
1952 Giro.
The cycling cap was branded with sponsor names as far back to the late forties. 
Cycling teams knew the importance of brand recognition and the humble cycling cap certainly helped!