100 kms Off the Beaten Path, Flandrians & Saluting the Goat.

Mutual Respect...
All hail the Goat!
(l to r) Guy, John, Curtis & me.
All photos courtesy Mario Bartel

Yesterday's FrFuggitivi ride was pure Flandrian.

Guy, Mario, Curtis, John and I set out, under overcast skies, for a planned 90km ride to Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge and back. I decided to go for it needing miles but more importantly to ride in a new area.

Early on it started to rain, nothing worst for wear and we encountered construction and had to go around ascending what I thought Peter Sagan would be good going up on. It was so steep trucks stalled on the same hill unable to go up. We managed to meander around them and into a subdivision, Mario said was perfect for a drive by shooting. I agreed and I would like to add perfect for an episode of Davinci's Inquest.

Guy punctures and I'm doing what every good domestique does...

I'm glad I had my Red Dots cycling cap and gilet to keep me warm and dry, then after the Port Mann Bridge - Guy punctures. I did my best as a loyal domestique and held his bike for him. Good thing done, we're off and it's raining again - Mario punctures before the Golden Ears Park!  I started to say that my Duro tyres are holding up well - and John quickly said not to mention punctures or tyres for fear of ... you know what. I'm not really superstitious, by the way our ride was going - I decided to change the subject.

Mario said that we had to salute the goat for good luck. We dutifully did and I crossed my fingers. As we rode back John was mocked by a driver urging him to move to the side of the road. Well, the wet narrow roads are dangerous and we had no choice but to take most of the lane for safety. We made it to Pitt Meadows and the rain stopped for our relaxing coffee stop. I wanted to stay - the double espresso was that good. Back on the roads, this time back, it's pouring buckets and my right knee is starting to tell me something like, 'Please stop.' Riding on wet roads is not fun, we're all soaked and wishing the team vehicle will stop for us. Not to be so, we pressed on. I haven't felt this cold and wet since my days as a bike messenger in Vancouver.

Well, we rode a milestone 100kms through Flandrian conditions... what a helluva ride!

Biker friendly in Pitt Meadows...
Our calm before the storm.