Friday File: New Vuelta El Toro Cycling Cap, Apple in my eye, Orange lost?, Adieu Chava? Go Ryder!

Apple calls it a delamination issue.

I have been living with a problem for a about a year...

It had to do with my polycarbonate MacBook, my stalwart supporter of my blog  - specifically the non-slip rubber bottom case slowly separating from my laptop. In fact, yesterday morning it was looking rather gnarly hanging by a few bottom screws. It became a hazard and embarrassingly ugly. I was putting it off, a little longer, getting it fix until I looked online and discovered that Apple changed its program regarding defective MacBook bottom cases, extending the coverage period from two years after purchase to four years. I'm happy I took the time to check online. I quickly made an appointment with the Genius Bar at my favorite Apple store.

I wasn't exactly sure when I purchased my MacBook. I knew it was sometime in 2009. Well, Chris of Apple told me it was in October 24th and I made it in time by under 3 months. Was I happy! They had one case left in stock and in short time my old MacBook looked new again. I must praise Apple for the good service and especially for extending this repair program. In fact, Apple sent me a service confirmation waving the $114 dollar fee!

Thanks Apple!

... and After!
Kudos to Apple for the free bottom case replacement
and for dealing with this problem - properly!

The Vuelta a España (Aug. 24-Sept. 15)...

Roja Love!
Vuelta El Toro Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

Check out the classy details: embroidery Toro design, our Red Dots logo, and red/yellow/red ribbon detail of the Spanish flag. Made of linen/cotton the perfect choice for a light, comfortable summer cap.

El Toro, El Torro, El Toro!

Gone after 19 years?

Exit the orange team?
via Euskaltel-Euskadi

Euskaltel-Euskadi looks the way of the dodo. The Spanish institutions that supported the team can no longer fund it. Unless a sponsor comes to the rescue in the 11th hour then this Basque ride will be over. It's going to be hard not to see the orange kit in the peloton.


"I have several proposals, including 
one of AG2R." - Chava

Since finishing 31st in the Tour de France, French Champion Sylvain Chavanel is out of contract with Omega Pharma Quick Step and wondering where he sits in the Belgium squad. Is a new team next for the man called, 'la Machine?' According to L'Equipe, Vincent Lavenu, manager of AG2R have proposed a three year contract to Sylvain Chavanel.

Chava won the prize for most aggressive rider
on Bastille Day.

Look who's back?

God of Thunder...
Hammer Time!

Forget the dismal showing in the Tour de France.

BMC has won the last three stages of the Tour of Poland. Yesterday, Thor Hushovd struck his second stage victory in three days. What's that I hear? That's Thor's victory cry!

Stage 5 high!
Great to see him winning again!

Go Ryder!
Heading back to N. America...

Any indication of Ryder Hesjedal's intention to make a better showing of his rough season is answered in this velonews article. Always a fighter, Hesjedal is planning to ride in the upcoming Tour of Utah, Tour of Alberta and Montreal/Quebec.

Hopefully [Alberta] is a great race. It has great people behind it. I have a lot of ties to Alberta; it’s only one province over from [British Columbia, where Hesjedal lives], so I am looking forward to that. That leads into Quebec for the one-days. Those are great races, and I’ve showed myself there before.”

The dog days of Summer...

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Have a good Friday!

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