Fernando Alonso to the Rescue & Weight of the Nation in Alberta

Riding in to save the day.
via Colnago.com

Saving grace comes in the nick of time to save the floundering Euskaltel team that's... F1 star and cycling fan, Fernando Alonso. 

Amazing turn of around events watching the Spanish team what seem to be, at times, riding with a weight around their necks. Like many fans, I dread the idea the 19 year old Spanish cycling team was kaput... no more.

"Euskaltel wants to thank the double Formula One champion for reaching an agreement and would like to emphasise the respect, understanding and love that Fernando Alonso has shown for the Euskaltel Euskadi team, its professionals, its historical legacy and his hobby."

- Euskaltel statement

Weight of the Nation pressure?
Ryder at the press conference, today.
via globeandmail

"Based on how things have gone since the Tour, I'm not really focused on performing - putting that pressure on 'I gotta win Alberta.' I gotta give myself the best chance. I've got to get in shape and if I get to the shape I'm capable of I'll have a chance. And you go from there."

"I'm more looking to enjoy racing here in Canada, being home and enjoying the inaugural event and not really fixate on performing. I'm just hoping to have good legs."

-Ryder Hesjedal