Flemish Fall Cycling Cap: A Loyal Companion

New Fall cycling caps!
(l to r): Presta Fall, Paris-Roubaix & Flemish Fall
photo: Red Dots Cycling

A few days ago, the weather turned cloudy and the temperatures cooled.

Fall is fast approaching and I took the opportunity to wear Red Dots Cycling's new 100% wool Flemish Fall cap. Wool is a natural insulator in cool temperatures but also cool when it's warm, that's where the Flemish Fall cap has shown it's true quality. I was surprised that it wasn't as cold as I thought but just cool enough to have it on. It's made from superfine wool and it was so comfortable that I could've worn it all day long. In fact, the Flemish Fall has become my new favorite cycling cap whenever I go for errands around town. 

I'm pleased to announce three 'new' Fall cycling caps by Red Dots Cycling: Presta Fall, Flemish Fall & Paris-Roubaix!

Fall is around the corner and I'm ready for it!