Coffee Break & Cycling Art at Musette Caffe

'Ride on in' to the new Musette Caffe in Chinatown.
photo Cyclingart

It's been a long time since I ventured down to Pender Street in Chinatown.

A new gentrification has been steadily occurring in this, once 'poor' area of East Vancouver, and newer businesses like the new Musette Caffe brings a cool and refreshing look.

Cycling Nirvana.
photo Cyclingart

Yesterday, Carolle and I finally 'took' a coffee break from work and I delivered two Cycling art framed prints for Thomas. It's an exciting time for me, my full size framed prints will adorned the decorative walls in both cafes.

One dynamic Colnago.
photo Cyclingart

I'm very excited to announce that my cycling art 5X7" art cards will now be available at both cafes. And more good news; our Red Dots Cycling caps, recycled inner tube wallets and pouches will be available at the Burrard street boutique!

I'm proud of the fact that this marks the first time my cycling art will be available to purchase from a retail outlet - and what a better shop as Musette Caffe.

Bike Friendly... bike rack on the left, Colnago on the wall,
 Colombia jersey autographed by Rigoberto Uran.
photo Cyclingart

Upon entering the cafe, we were instantly greeted by the friendly staff and I noticed the huge collection of cycling memorabilia. Besides the enormous array of musettes and jerseys, there are some amazing steel frames and complete bikes on displayed - worth the visit alone.

I know the coffee well, from the Burrard location, and my favorite cortardo is equally well made and delicious. No surprise there. Sure, I haven't the chance to savor the baked goodies or the lunch menu or even the beer or wine yet... but I'm sure those days are not far away.

I'm very happy for Thomas and his Musette cycling friendly Caffe has grown to two locations in Vancouver. Bicycle lanes run closely by and I for one, will be planning my rides to include a stop at my favorite and friendly Chinatown cafe!

Musette Caffe 75 E Pender Street, Vancouver

Perfect cycling atmosphere...
Enjoying my favorite Cortado, two screens on cycling &
the friendly staff.
photo Cyclingart

Along with the friendly staff ... a mural size Fausto will be keeping you company.
photo Cyclingart

Cool cycling memorabilia and great coffee awaits.
photo Cyclingart


Jason said…
Looks like a nice café!