Friday File: 2XU & Bauer Stealth Bike Update, Movember & the Terminator & Kelly

Bauer powering on his stealth bike in 1993.

Welcome to Friday File!

I'm still waiting for delivery of my 2XU/BMC contest and as the cooler temperatures has taken over here, it would be the perfect Fall cycling attire. I chose to wait until they receive stock on my size of recovery tights - hopefully not too long now.

I want to 'join' this trio...
ok I'm only dreaming!

On to one of my popular posts, from 2010...

I wrote a post on Steve Bauer's stealth bike he rode in the 1993 Paris-Roubaix. Over the years the comments started piling up and I enjoying reading it all and find it captivating this bike was made by Merckx. In fact, a displeasing Merckx wanted the bike back from Bauer, I assume after he tried it, and wanted to destroy it. Further disrespect for the stealth bike comes from a former rider that stayed at the U23 US cycling team house of Noel Dejonckheere in 2001...and the bike was sitting in the back of the house, mostly unnoticed, with junk around it. 

And, this very interesting set of comments from Rick, perhaps I should change the name from 'Stealth Bike' to... chopper.

Movember is here and this will be even more popular...

I'll be 'growing' my stache, in my part, to support men's prostrate cancer awareness month. Do your part guys!

Tomorrow, superstar Peter Sagan is down under to try to win the Australian Open criterium championships in Noosa. It will be his last race of the season before he takes a well-deserved rest. Here's a superb video of the 2013 GP Cyclistes de Québec et Montréal. If you, like me, are missing watching cycling action -  the GP Montréal can be enjoyed here.

Star power on the cover of Ciclissimo.

One rider, from the past, I can associate the skill and winning performance of Sagan is... Sean Kelly. He was a colossal rider winning the green jersey/stages in the Tour and a truckload of classics.

80s man.

Friday's cycling poster...

Whatever type of bike you ride...

Have a good and safe riding weekend!