Friday File: Col d'lzoard, Road Holland: Utrecht Jersey, Battlefield & Le-go Stress.

Cycling Nirvana...
Col d'lzoard
photo Jered Gruber

I thought I would start off Friday File with something nice rather than the unsettling news that's been on steady play in the cycling world.

World famous cycling photographer's Jered Gruber along with his wife Ashley are responsible for the spectacular image of ...bicycling on the Col d'lzoard. You may have seen their amazing cycling photography in many publications in print, i.e. Peloton. Their powerful photos capture the essence of cycling.

Le Tour 2015 departs in Ultrecht!

The Utrecht by
Road Holland

Today, it was announced that the 2015 Tour will start in Utrecht, Holland. This will be the sixth time the Tour starts in cycling friendly Netherlands.

May I direct your attention to Road Holland, the fine makers of serious and stylish cycling kit. The Utrecht jersey is just one of the many clever designs that embrace a thoughtful, classic design and superb craftsmanship that is not made off shore, but in Florida. I am a proud owner of an Ultrecht jersey and a few more of their other fine jerseys so I invite you to check them out.

Read about the 'Ride' of Road Holland here.

The dapper Jan Janssen.

Notably, 1968 Tour winner Jan Janssen will be the event's ambassador at the official presentation for the Utrecht Grand Depart in Paris on November 28th.

Mud, Guts, Rain... A Battlefield.

And, if you ever thought you love riding in the rain and mud, then watch this...

...on a steel De Rosa, too!

Whenever I think of weather like this, I can't help but think of Sean Kelly the typical hardman of Paris-Roubaix...

No mud, but blood and guts...
King Kelly finishing 16th, 1988 Paris-Roubaix.

Le-go of stress and go out for a ride...


Farelli said…
It's Utrecht, Richard.
Without an L.
And a nice mudmovie ...;)

Fabio Farelli
Richard said…
Changes made, Thanks Fabio!