Friday File: Wildness On The E3, Belgian Cycling Gods, Café Roubaix Custom Cycling Cap & Marinoni 40th Anniversary-SL

When Belgian beer meets E3 Harelbeke winner, Peter Sagan.
via Cannondale Pro Cycling

The Terminator lived up to his nickname winning a tactical 4-man sprint. The WorldTour race was full of crashes, mechanicals and Flandrien riding. Many hardmen fell, notably Svein Tuft who crashed went to hospital and diagnosed with a concussion. 

Unfortunately, Tufts' day is over.
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Today, the terminator proved to his adversaries that he's on form and as the northern classics continue another showdown next Sunday at the Ronde is due to erupt.

It's good for me to win, it has helped me bounce back after Milan-Sanremo.

World beater.

Wheelie Good.

Eddy And Friends...

I discovered this wonderful story from Peloton Magazine of Eddy Merckx and his band of brothers (former team mates) riding in Flanders. Read the interesting article here and check out the excellent images by Jeff Clark of the Belgian Gods of Cycling...

Eddy is easy to spot, can you name the other riders?
photo Jeff Clark

The new Café Roubaix custom caps...

photo Red Dots Cycling

You may know of Café Roubaix Bicycles story of their recent altercation and vindication vs Specialized. You may not know, Red Dots Cycling proudly makes their cycling caps! I showed my support by 'Liking' them on Facebook. Dan contacted me last month looking for caps and wanted them to be locally made and shortly afterwards, we became the chosen one. Dan operates a small independent cycling business that quickly grew in stature and notoriety and Red Dots Cycling is happily associated with them, that makes me glow. I want to thank Dan and Rita for choosing Red Dots Cycling as their cap maker. Their beautiful embroidered caps are now available exclusively at Café Roubaix... show your support and get yours now!

From the Apr/May, Canadian Cycling Magazine, a Marinoni bulletin...

For the steel is real crowd, which I am a life time supporter...

Marinoni is producing Columbus SL lugged steel frames, to celebrate their 40th anniversary. I proudly have one but notably all the frames will be welded by Giuseppe Marinoni himself!

Another reason to get your hands on one.