Servizio Corse Strade Bianche

I'm excited. This Saturday's Strade Bianche will provide that needed cycling fix of rolling Tuscan hills, white gravel roads and racing drama. According to race organizers will add two more sectors of white roads to make this course more of a challenge. I believe them. I haven't seen the start list but I'm sure the chosen 'actors' will be well suited for this great cycling performance.

Here's an excellent, but rather short documentary by 341 Production following the Vittoria neutral service on the strade bianche. It's from the 2011 edition but you can feel drama leading up and over the course of this race. What is also unique is the tire change sequence cam, probably the smoothest tire change I have ever witness. The interchange between riders and service course guys are intimate - I believe one rider asking for something to eat. It's in Italian without translation but the appeal is universal.