Classic Build Up: Fuelling Up For The Pacific Populaire & Kelly On The Cobbles

Fuel to go
photo Cycling Art

I'm not sure how much coverage I'll be able to follow this Sunday morning of the Tour of Flanders.

Sunday morning I'll be attempting my first century of the season - called the 29th Pacific Populaire. It's Greater Vancouver's first major public ride of the cycling season and my goal is to enjoy a 'relaxed' Spring ride. The route looks challenging as it meanders to Richmond and back to Vancouver. I'll give it a go and I'll have my FRFuggitivi teammates to ride with. After all, you can never have enough support. I already have all sorts of fuel ready to help me go the long distance. No pave but it promises to be my very own classic.

To really understand riding on cobbles, there is one man that knows - Sean Kelly. Never winning the Ronde but winning everything else, here's an insightful interview from Rouleur.

King Kelly Kasseien
via Graham Watson

Thanks to Han's for sending me this tidbit...

This footage is amazing of past heroes combating the Ronde. Sean Kelly spoke highly of Steve Bauer as a rider that could ride the cobbles well. Bauer's lack of wins in the classics do not reflect his tenacity on the cobbles. To be successful, a rider must be able to 'float' over the cobbles with plenty of power. If you look closely, there's a good shot of Steve Bauer, back in 1985, climbing the Koppenberg.

Bauer floating, '91 Flanders