Friday File: Castelli USA Swag, Flanders Calling ...Merckxissimo!

Castelli photos: Cycling Art

Look what I got from Castelli USA today! A few weeks ago I won their online contest and I receive my calendar ...and more. The 2014 calendar is full of amazing images and will be a joy to have and look at throughout this year. I also love the stickers, winter gear catalogue and Ass Saver. I first saw it used by one of the Katusha riders during the rainy Milan San Remo. I always wanted one and look forward to testing it and hoping it will, one rainy day, save my ass!

Many Thanks to Castelli USA!

Just like home...
My new Ass Saver perched cozy under my Flite.

The Muur

Sunday is the second of five monuments and the biggest Flemish race of the year... the 98th Tour of Flanders. Whilst two kings of the classics are eager to win (Boonen and Cancellara), one would be king (Sagan) is determine to win his first monument. Here's the start list .

photo Sirotti

Back in 1969...

Driessens pisses off an angry Cannibal.

I'm enjoying rereading, Eddy Merckx by Daniel Friebe. The image above is from the 1969 Tour of Flanders where Merckx had an encounter of a Driessen kind. With 70 kilometers remaining the Cannibal really took over. After hammering, into submission, his opponents he had one final opponent to deal with... Lomme Driessens his DS...

"What do you think you're doing?! Committing suicide?! Are you crazy? There are 70 kilometers to go!!"

Dino Zandegu was right when he said that a hurting rider is a nasty rider, and there could be no more unwelcome intruder than Driessens into the privacy of Merckx's pain. "Go stuff yourself!" he told Driessens -  and went on to ride the last 70 kilometers as though an imaginary red rag hung from the peak of his Faema cap. His final victory margin was five minutes and 36 seconds over Gimondi, who had finished second to win the race of the mere mortals. Under the podium, 'Cycling's Napoleon' proceeded to hold forth about how Merckx's attack had been a tactical masterstroke, Driessens's very own Waterloo. When he read the quotes in the follow day's papers, Merckx was furious.

An angry Merckx refused to share the victory with Driessens. Merckx only acknowledged the hard work of his teammates.

Another look at the photo finish at Ghent Wevelgem..

A classic finish...
1. John Degenkolb 2. Arnaud Démarre 3. Peter Sagan.

Before next Sunday begins...

First, cleaning les pavé d'Arenberg.

A brilliant public bike wash... 

This image is from Facebook with no information as to where this is. By the word, 'Lavage' I'm guessing it's somewhere in France.