Vive Red Dots Cycling: 1 Free 100th TdF Inner Tube Wallet with every purchase.

100th TdF Inner Tube Wallet
photo Red Dots Cycling

It's Tour de France time and Red Dots Cycling has a special offer...

We have a small amount (a dozen) of 100th TdF inner tube wallets remaining from last year. This is a special limited edition and made to commemorate the 100th Tour de France. This wonderful wallet is amazingly light and the recycled rubber will look even better with age. These wallets are handy and practical; designed to hold securely some bill notes and some cards. Each unique wallet measures approximately 4 1/2” X 6” open and  4 1/2” X 3" folded and includes unique embroidery and French ribbon.

As a special limited time offer, while quantities last...

with every order we will include... (1) bonus 100th TdF inner tube wallet at no extra cost!

Note: We use recycled bicycle inner tubes - thus all wallets will be slightly different (some may include markings and tire company logos. Not exactly as shown.

Handy to hold some bills and cards
Handmade in our Vancouver studio.

Go ahead and make your purchase and we will be happy to include one handy 100th TdF inner tube wallet with your order. Once they're gone they're gone.

Vive le Tour de France!