Charly Gaul: Mozart on two wheels

The Angel of the Mountains on his way to 
spoiling everyone else's Tour dinner, 1955 TdF

After watching this video of the 1955 Tour, Charly Gaul was one of the best when the roads went upwards. 

'a murderous climber, always the same sustained rhythm, a little machine with a lower gear than the rest.'

- Raphael Geminani

'Nobody else ever climbed that fast. Gaul dominated the climbs of the late 1950s, spinning up the hills at amazing cadences, his legs a blur while his cherubic face hardly showed the strain of his exceptional performances.'

- Jan Heine, writer.

Grand Tour Gold:

Tour de France: Overall (1958), 10 stages (1953-1963), King of the Mountains (1955, 1956). 

Giro d'Italia: Overall (1956, 1959), 11 stages (1956-1962), King of the Mountains (1956, 1959).