Grouse Grind made Udderly Smooth.

Curtis, Phil and Grant at the top of Grouse.
photo Cycling Art

I can finally say that I've climbed Grouse. 

No, not the infamous hike up Grouse Grind but riding up Capilano Road onto Nancy Greene Way finishing on the crowded gondola parking lot. It's about 2 km with an average grade of about 5%. Short enough to carry a sustained tempo and for me a good test for my pinched nerve. The pinched nerve never flared up and my relationship or lack of relationship with short steep ascents confirms I'll never be a Philippe Gilbert. I wish I was a climber but I'm not. I shared Sunday's FRfuggitivi ride in good company with: Curtis, Phil, Grant and Dean. In fact, this was FRFuggitivi's first ride up Grouse. And after Grouse, continuing sufferfest for me especially, was on the menu as we traversed the steep hills of Mont Royal in N. Vancouver. I survived that and we were duly awarded with a new pleasant coffee stop aptly called, End of the line, located beside Lynn Canyon Park. It was a fun but a challenging ride.

What made my ride even more enjoyable...

photo Cycling Art

Armed for comfort:

I wore my new bib shorts (Ale Stelvio - review upcoming) I acquired for my birthday and the new Udderly chamois cream. I've tried all sorts of cream in an attempt to ease my discomfort (down there) and decided to try this specific chamois cream. The result, happily no friction problems. According to the tub description, the Udderly Smooth chamois cream was originally designed for use on dairy cows now used on by people around the world... thus the name. My hint: I apply the cream on the skin and to the chamois for maximum protection. If you have friction problems and haven't tried chamois cream... do so you'll be relieved you did!


Alban said…
I have recently started to use pure cocoa butter. Its total bliss compared to any of the previous products I have used.
It wasn't easy to find and eventually I purchased it through my local health food store and it wasn't cheap (although not as expensive as most of the specialist cycling creams) but its the first "cream" that doesn't irritate my skin after repeated use simply because it doesn't contain any chemicals- its just 100% pure cocoa butter i.e. the pressed cocoa bean minus the cocoa oil.
Consistency is like a hardish butter but once on its the first time I have ever been for long rides with absolutely no discomfort - in fact didn't even think about it.

Actually it made me feel a bit guilty as I didn't think I was suffering enough!!