They told me just to keep going

My low tech, worked.
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Yesterday's wind storm caused further havoc in the form of no internet service for about 20 hours. It just returned and I never thought I would 'miss' not having it. It's our portal for our virtual cycling cap business and also a gateway to know what's going on in the world. I haven't had cable tv for years and no plans to go back to that unsatisfactory world. Keeping life simple (without the internet) was an exercise in patience. I returned to my old mono 8 transistor radio for hourly updates on our local all news AM station. I'm from the pre-internet generation and, for a short time, just embraced low tech again.

Guess who Jonathan Vaughters hints at who his next big signing will be?...

The ripped, Joe Dombrowski...

GC changes...

"They told me, just to keep going, and see how it goes, and today it ended pretty well."

- Tom Dumoulin takes over the red jersey.

GC after Stage 9: T. Dumoulin 35:22:13 2. J. Rodriguez :57 3. E. Chaves :59

"Sagan cannot safely continue to race. He was hit by a reckless auxiliary motorbike and suffered wounds and burns of first and second degree on the left side of his body, from the hip to the lower leg. In addition, he has a contusion on his left forearm with an intra-muscular haematoma."

- Tinkoff-Saxo 

"Even if motorbikes are forced to through a group of riders, they should do it very carefully and not recklessly. In my opinion, motorbike drivers don't take the safety of the riders in consideration seriously."

Peter Sagan abandons the Vuelta.

Classic Cool:

Stage 4, Sevilla to Malaga, 1936 Vuelta