No Strava, but a return to comfort

Taking a mini break from today's comfort ride.
photo Cycling Art

As my FRFuggitivi collegues say a ride that is not recorded on Strava never happened. 

Well, it's been 10 weeks since I last rode due to a tiresome saddle pain that I, in turn, had minor surgery to correct. Add heavy workload and any hopes for bike time was squashed. I played the waiting game to make sure that I was completely heal before going back on the saddle. Ten weeks rolled by, now fully healed together with today's pleasant weather gave me confidence to ride again. It was so long, my Marinoni was literally sitting collecting dust that I had to wipe away. So, excitedly I ventured off for a test ride, the first ride in ten weeks, to check my comfort level. The fresh cold air was most welcome, but wasn't to be as I was almost hit by a minivan running a stop sign. A cyclist approached me and remarked how could she not see me and stop? I wore my bright red Castelli jersey, white and red helmet and front light on flashing mode - to absolutely no effect. Oh welcome the unwelcome hazards (scattered brained drivers) of the road. 

I planned on a short ride but I felt so good I continued on one of my favorite routes past the Marine Skytrain Station returning home - nice and flat and not too challenging. The score was in favor for comfort back on the saddle - check. Forgetting to engage my Strava - check. Who cares? I'm happy to be back riding, comfortably again.