FRFlandrien ride: Meet at West Coast Chip Plant

photo Cycling Art

The above image may look like a desolate and uninviting setting. Really it's the exact opposite. Yesterday's Sunday ride was my first, of this new year, with the FRFuggitivi group. Before I ventured out I made sure to check the front street and back alley was free of ice - which it was. So, off I went on wet roads. The sinister image is the West Coast Chip Plant, where Ontario Street ends and where I meet the New West crew: Guy, Scott, Phil, Dean, Ross, Allan and Matt. Actually the West Coast Chip Plant could double as a movie set - easy. My goal was to aim for 20kms, keep it easy and just go to the coffee stop and return home. But, trouble brewed on the way with Dean signaling a mechanical - his derailleur cable snapped! It really didn't dawn on me until we all stopped and I along with most of us was covered in a layer of road muck. I can imagine hosing down my bike now.

We let Dean lead the way to the safe confines of West Point Cycles on West Boulevard where he dropped off the bike while we enjoyed our coffee break. Cable replacement complete. Coffee enjoyed we headed back. I surprised myself, and with my lack of fitness, kept up with the group of Flandriens, and tallied 47kms. Returning home, I and especially my Marinoni was covered in road muck. A fun Flandrien ride it was.