In Celebration of Frittata & Road Muck

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During the holidays we had our customary rain paired with a brief cold spell turning streets and especially back alley lanes into mean thoroughfares of ice. Last Sunday morning was cold. I overzealously leaped on my bike for a post-New Years ride and as soon as I knew it was taken down by ice in my back lane. I landed on my left hip and knee winced in pain and quickly knew that I would have to stop and go back in. So - I refused and walked my bike to the front street and discovered, to my distress, the road was just like a skating rink. Meanwhile the pain in my hip was growing resulting in a good looking bruise - translation: no post-New Years ride for me. 

Fast forward today, now feeling better with only a slight bruise, I set out with the goal of banking some kilometres for the new year. Can my misfortunes finally change for the better? I only managed one ride after 10 weeks off the bike due to a nagging groin injury. I wanted to ride so bad. I had some other factors going for me; Carolle's black forest ham frittata and decent weather conditions (5C). After a delicious lunch I hopped on my bike and just to make sure, suspiciously checked for any remote ice in the back lane. No bloody ice just nice wet roads. The ride was therapeutic a balm for my senses. I only rode 20 kms probably one of the best 20 kms I have ever ridden, a good sign of things to come with plenty of welcome road muck...