Campag disc brakes... not quite yet.

photo: Cycling Art

Ever since I first took ownership of my Marinoni in 1987 it was a no-brainer to pair it with Campagnolo. Back then, I chose the Nuovo Record groupset a very good entry point into the iconic Italian company. Today, I continue to ride my Marinoni and now enjoy it with the reliable and robust Veloce groupset. I can never think of anything other than Campag on my Marinoni. My commitment to Campagnolo has never waned. 

Campagnolo has always market their products a little differently than the market. Recently, they revealed their disc brake designs and they're not too keen to have it ready for the market until it's soundly tested. Last year, my LBS mechanic told me that disc brakes will be the norm on all road bikes. It seems to be going that way. So, in the interim I'll rely on Campag mechanical brakes and look over the horizon for the disc brake revolution to fully take over... Campagnolo will keep testing... until that time, I don't mind waiting.