Friday File: A Sagan Strade, One day is all you need & Admiring the cycling pad

The strade blanche of the rolling Tuscan hills make for a great spectacle. 
Rain or no rain, a tough day ahead for the riders.

I like Peter Sagan. Amongst some of the robotic personalities in the pro peloton, he's the kind of eclectic personality that cycling needs. Cipo was one for his outlandish kits. Pantani was also one, too. Sagan brings that right amount of color to the sport, that's sorely missing. He has that swagger that's not too over the top and the legs to back it up. At the press conference before Saturday's classic Strade Bianche he commented on his chances to win...

"Tomorrow I'll do my best and more importantly try to be up front. It will be hard but we'll see. favourite is a word that doesn't affect me many more. I just want to do my best every time in every race and see what happens."

"The gravel roads make it iconic. Strade Bianche has elements of a mountain bike race or cycle-cross race to it. The climbs are steep and hard and so is the finish. If you've got good legs, you can have a good race. It's difficult. I've been second twice and want to try to win but we'll see how it goes."

When asked if he will get out the razor after taking his first win...

"Someone said that but we'll see. I never have time to shave my legs... I'll see if I eventually get bored with hairy legs."

You may remember, around the same time last year, Oleg berated Peter Sagan for lack of victories. Today, Tinkov changed his tune...

The weather forecast looks grim and there's a good chance for rain and wind turning this classic into an epic classic. I have a feeling this will play into the hands of the world champ.

'We want to win... don't be scare of anything.'

How It's Made - Elastic Interface cycling pads...

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