The Lucky 13

It couldn't be better...
On the quiet, backroads around Ft. Langley. 
photo: Cycling Art

On last Sunday's FRFuggitivi ride I headed over to Guy's in New Westminster to start what would be an epic ride to Ft. Langley. Leader of the day was Curtis who drafted the route consisting of 100km and 80km bail-out option for those that didn't want to go the full distance to meet at the coffee stop. Thirteen of us met for the early start of 8AM. I awoke at 4:45AM thereby having enough time for a hearty breakfast of porridge and pancakes, then I was ready to go. At the start it was all good banter sprinkled with  anticipation for the ride. It's good to see newbies; Matt and Jos joining us and I'm often reminded how our little riding group has grown (initially with Guy and I) to this full fledged team that is a registered association. Cue in smile.

The lucky 13.
(l to r): Jos, me, Charlie, Dean, Brian, Curtis, Patrick, Mario, Guy, Matt L., Scott, Ross & Matt C.
Note: a nice biker lady took this image.
photo: Jos

I along with Patrick and Matt L opted for the shorten less hilly 80km route. After all we wanted first dibs of the espresso and chocolate cookies. At the coffee stop we remain rested and happy as the rest of the group swooped in around 10 minutes later. After a much needed rest it was time for the return leg. On two separate occasions the inevitable happened - rear flats claimed two victims - Dean and Ross. But, we continue to roll on with the prize on the distant horizon, Red Racer Brewery. Because as our late brother, John coined the famous hashtag, and we forever support....#moremilesmorebeer.

At Red Racer Brewery and duly supporting
photo: Cycling Art