Friday File: Living in the heat of Grahame's Bakery

Embracing Kemptville with the FRFuggitivi cap.
All photos: Cycling Art

I have arrived. My goal was to go east not really knowing where I’ll end up. Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa are the big three cities to suit the business. After a week of looking for a place to live, Carolle and I decided on Kemptville. A small community 40 kms south of Ottawa. The folks here are friendly. And, I’ve seen many cyclists riding especially in the searing humidity that climbs up to 40C. Kemptville is a small town, founded by a Mr. Cloutier and sons in the late 1800s. The old town is quaint with an old bridge, red brick buildings and churches. The old town respects the heritage but on the outside of town there’s growing new development. My sister in law was the first to tell us of how central Kemptville really is. She’s right. It’s only 30 minutes to Ottawa, 1 ½ hours to Montreal and 3 1/2 hours to Toronto.

 Inside one of Canada's oldest wood burning ovens, 1885.
Grahame's Bakery. It's 36C outside and inside even hotter...

I’m so busy settling the business I haven’t had the chance to climb on my bike or even follow the Tour de France. All I know Chris Froome is leading and looking likely to win. And, I’m looking forward to riding the back rural roads of the scenic Ottawa Valley.