Friday File: Two wheel cool: Montreal style

Bixi in Montreal.
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Yesterday's trip back to exciting Montreal was long in coming. I haven't been in ten years and the city is as robust as it ever was. It was a re-union, getting back in touch with the city and it's incredible energy. I had my birthday lunch with our long time friend, Jean and I mentioned that Montreal is the type of city that can't be duplicated elsewhere. A city that has no doppelganger. There's neighborhoods that is the same, since I've been there, sprinkled with plenty of new development. It has a unique 70s/80s style architecture intermingled with bits of splashy contemporary look. I've notice one positive urban change... more and more people on bikes. No helmet laws here. Hey Vancouver are you listening? 

And, the urban Bixi cycles are here. Many riders use them to get to and from. There are stations peppered most everywhere and are very popular. The bikes have an ingenious front flashing light that is highly visible in daylight. We only had a few hours and what I saw was so many cyclists on the road, motorists are and should be keen to watch out for them. Added cool incentive to ride... Bixi is offering free service all day this July 31.

Our friend Jean's apartment is around the corner of the finish line of the GP Cyclistes de Montreal. It will be held this September 11 and I'm planning to be there.

Dressed for the hot 30C weather.

Outside a new favorite restaurant, L'Anecdote.
A retro diner serving excellent burgers.


Empidog said…
Looking fit ma boy
Richard said…
It's the Montreal smoke meat, cheers Steve!