Peas, fallen tree branch & flat roads

All photos: Cycling Art

Sunday I awoke at 5:30 AM to get ready for my inaugural Ottawa Valley ride. Actually I decided the night before tracing a route on my newly acquired map left to me by John and Joey. Those two roadies are closer to finishing their ride to Montreal. It's been close to 4 weeks off the bike and I'm itching to ride. One thing noticeably different from Vancouver is NO mountains or even substantial hills here in the Ottawa Valley. I hear the real hills are close by in Gatineau, Quebec (on my bucket list). For now, I may have to change my cassette back to 11-25T. 

There are so many picturesque towns separated by vast farmland especially corn fields. The Ottawa Valley is vast and so green. I jumped on Highway 44 south, a very smooth and quiet road. It’s the type of road used mainly by local farm traffic. The fun part is to discover the back roads and all I had was the map to guide me. I rode past a nearby winery, which will come in handy for Carolle and I to ‘visit’ in the near future. And, I even rode past a cyclist (with cycling kit) with an acknowledged wave. Moments later a cyclist (shirt and jeans on) also gave me a wave… the respect on the road law embraced. 

Then a surprise, ahead was a felled tree branch blocking part of the road. I meander gingerly around it and reached my turnaround point of Spencerville for the return. Past bucket seats and a used music cabinet for free and a lonely sign for 'PEAS' on a saw horse. Fun and quirky on my first ride here.