Friday File: There's a storm coming

If it wasn't already hellish this Sunday's Hell of the North will feature 55km of pave roads up from 52.8km from last year. That's an addition of two extra sectors up to 29 sectors, 115th edition, total: 257kms. The most scariest are the three five-star rated sections: Trouee d'Arenberg, Mons-en-Pevele and Carrefour de l'Arbe. The two new sectors are Briastre @ 112.5km and Solesmes @ 116km which has not been used since 1987.

Trouee d'Arenberg: The cobbles are the roughest, sector is 2.4km and slices through the even scarier Arenberg Forest...

Mons-en-Pevele: 3km long, more nastiness in the last fifty kilometres, riders would stay ever attentive here and avoid the tracks. 

Carrefour de l'Arbre: 2.1km and arrives 15km remaining. A decisive move is possible for a rider here and can decide the race...

The last corner before the final sprint.

Three more excellent imagery from an exciting classics season...

Phil Gil, King of Flanders

Hugo Houle, 103rd place, 5th Tour of Flanders

Matti Breschel, Blazing no saddle. Scheldeprijs