My 1987 Marinoni; 30 years of love

Overlooking the Rideau River, Burritts Rapid
 photo Cycling Art

I fondly remember picking up my new 1987 Marinoni at Velocity in Edmonton. At the time, I was working out of town and drove back to the city a few times a month to visit family and to pay off the final installment for my new bike. My final payment was $780 and I most likely had on my silly grin as I eagerly picked up my new steel gem. That was thirty years ago. In 2011, I had my old steel friend properly repainted by Cycles Marinoni because a steel frame rusts (thru time) and it was showing it's age. Today is special and marks the 30th anniversary of the day I picked up my Marinoni. I celebrated and duly went for a morning ride on one of my favorite routes to Burritts Rapids. A testament to the fine Italian craftsmanship from Giuseppi Marinoni, this frame is made from Columbus SL/SP and after thirty years is timeless and rides to perfection.

I couldn't be happier.