Friday File: Svein Tuft: getting better with age, the Pocket Rocket & why the Giro is so cool

The Grizzly pulling the peloton during stage 5.

Esteban Chaves calls Svein Tuft, 'The Grizzly'. That was last year's Giro when Chaves finished second overall. Tuft is affectionately called Grizzly by his teammates as celebrated by Chaves' sketch...

Svein Tuft turned 40 on Tuesday doing what he does best; riding hard and working for his teammates. A combination that's earned him respect in the pro peloton. What's his secret? He turned pro in his mid-20s, never had a serious career threatening injury, practices yoga and applying an holistic approach to his cycling. 

"I have to say, I feel pretty good. Age doesn't feel like much of a factor. It is more a holistic approach to life. Instead of trying to pin yourself for one massive peak in your career, but if you look after yourself in all aspects of life, it pays off, and you can have a good, balanced career. I always thought consistency, rather than thrashing yourself for a month or two, and being totally hammered for three."

"I think we'll get another year out of him, for sure. The key thing is that he started so late, mentally, he is not burned-out. He appreciates where he is now in his life, and he enjoys his cycling. Everyone has a life span in professional sport, and when you start later, you can go longer."
- Matt White DS Orica-Scott. 

Today's stage 7 to Alberobello ended very well for Caleb Ewan...

Ewan out muscles Gaviria and Bennett. 

 The 5-foot-5 22 year old Aussie, nicknamed the Pocket Rocket has a radical sprinting position. Leaning so far forward his torso over the handlebar with his head so low close to his front wheel is really the most aero position amongst all pro sprinters. His rivals position themselves higher to generate more power Ewan goes lower for less aerodynamic drag. 

from: L'Equippe

"It's basically an aero sprinting position. Now, in this era when there are so many good sprinters, you need to find a little bit of an edge wherever you can, and I've found that in an aero sprint. It seems to work all right for now, but obviously you can't get as much power out in that position as you would if you're in more of an upright position. I guess it's a trade-off."
- Caleb Ewan

Why the Giro is such cool race...

Andre Greipel after his first day in pink...

Team Sky does recon before the Giro...

photo: Russ Ellis

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