Friday File: Sur la route Respectons nous!

'don't even try it!'

Stage 6, Criterium du Dauphine...

Saturday is the Tour de Suisse and Ryan Mullen is not looking forward to the high mountains...

"I will go to Switzerland in order to race the best way I can and give it my all. I will take the results as they come, knowing I did my best. If I manage to add more wins to my record, then it would be a nice reward to my effort but that isn't my main objective. I'm happy when I cross the finish line if I know that I couldn't have raced better, no matter what result I achieve. The Tour de Suisse is a race that I like a lot, so every participation is special for me. If I had to choose one, it will certainly be 2012, not only because of the four stages I won but also because it was a very nice week of racing."
- Peter Sagan