Friday File: Damage control & indomitable spirit

Stage 6: Carlos Betancur 
photo: Karen Edwards

As the Vuelta goes on,  unfortunately, some riders have crashed out or fallen ill and had to abandon. The ever smiling Captain America and captain of the Aqua Blue Sport team, Larry Warbasse hit a mountain bike and is out after today's stage 7. In the same incident, Merhawi Kudus crashed out. A pity he was riding so well finishing second on stage 5. There are only two Canadians riding the Vuelta, Michael Woods who is currently in 10th and Hugo Houle (100th in GC) who was roughed up in a crash and I'm glad he's still in the race.

Stage 7: Hugo Houle

The indomitable Adam Hansen is in the Vuelta and hopes to extends his consecutive Grand Tour starts to an amazing 19, currently in 86th overall gives his unique perspective...

Here's a video on Giuseppe Marinoni's hour record attempt 80-84 UCI Masters category, Mattamy Cycling Centre velodrome August 19. He finished 38.334km or 323m shy of the current record held by Paul Martinez of France. Good news he will try again in Mexico in about a month.