Friday File: Thereabouts, La Vuelta, Marinoni's Record Attempt

Gus and Lachlan Morton searching in the Outback

It's comforting feeling after watching Thereabouts. A unique movie on why to ride sort of metaphor for all riders to reach back for the reason we all ride. A back to basics road ride film by Gus and Lachlan Morton. Two Aussie professional riders and brothers who have a unique take on the beautiful art of riding. I admit this is my first watch of this doc and left wanting more. I found it inspirational and motivational and riding miles really clear your head. A therapeutic balm. 

I scoured online and discovered that the Lachlan brother's have two more Thereabouts adventure docs. The second in the US and third in Colombia. I could only find #2 and here is the link, worthy to watch. I hope to find Thereabouts 3 and will post it subsequently. 


(co starring: Cameron Wurf and Taylor Phinney)

Special cheer for Lachlan Morton who will line up tomorrow in Nimes...

Federico Bahamontes The Eagle of Toledo, circa 1962-65
KoMs 1957, 1958. 3 stages: 1955-1965

Tomorrow at 3 EDT, Mattamy National Cycling Center, Milton ON...

Forza Marinoni!