Friday File: The race that made me happiest

Stylish Cunego,
2004 Giro
photo: Yuzuru Sunada

Damiano Cunego (The Piccolo Prince) plans to retire after the 2018 Giro d'ltalia, or at least he hopes to, as his Nippo-Fantini team must first obtain a wildcard invitation. He won the 2004 Giro when he was 22 and now at 36 want to go out with a bang Giro style.

"The Giro d'ltalia is the race that made me known and the race that made me happiest. I want to participate in it next year, finish it, and then say enough with racing. With the passing of time, I note that cycling is being raced at an ever higher level, and I don't feel as competitive anymore. In short, the moment to stop is coming, and I'd like to do it at the Giro, where, in a certain sense, everything started."
- Damiano Cunego

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