Friday File: Tour de broken fork(s), Inside Factor Bikes

1919 Tour de broken fork... again.

3 times unlucky...

Eugene Christophe attempted 11 Tour de France and finished 8. He was legendary more so, famous for what he didn't win. His misfortune was mechanical costing (X3) him the Tour de France.  In 1913 he was the favourite but broke his forks descending the Tourmalet and lost time working for hours at a blacksmith's forge repairing his fork, he lost the Tour. In 1919, through the penultimate stage his forks snapped once more losing his chance at overall victory. In 1922, his forks broke on the Galibier, his Tour chances dashed. He is beloved by the French as the underdog. I remember my first toe clips and straps... Christophe still made by the French company Zefal. His legacy intact.


Unknown said…
Ha has got some forks problem! He was great anyway!