There really are no winners in the Arenberg

Calm before the storm

This past weekend was looking especially nasty in the Arenberg Trench. Everything's seems to be in order...

‘You ride through there and you think, “This is just ridiculous.Your bike feels as though it’s about to fall apart at any moment. You don’t know how carbon fibre can even take that kind of shock.
‘Anybody who’s gone over there – including those who’ve done the sportive – will understand.
‘It’s by far the worst section of cobbles in the race, and if there’s any kind of moisture in the air, you know it’s going to be slippery. It really is a nerve-wracking part of the race, and you’re pretty happy once you’re through.
‘But there really are no winners in the Arenberg.’
- Matt Hayman winner of Paris-Roubaix 2016