Friday File: Bronze for Simon Boilard

Simone Boilard was 5th in the TT and turned it up in the road race.

Boilard's bronze is the first medal for a Canadian in a Junior women's road race since Clare Hall-Patch in 2000!

I decided to watch the entire Junior Women's road race, and I wasn't disappointed because it turned out to be a hell of a race. It was exciting throughout especially with the inclusion of the Gnadenwald climb. I have included the entire race...

"The goal is to be on a Pro team in the near future."
- Simone Boilard

Junior Women's Road Race:

1. Laura Stigger (Austria) 1:56:26
2. Marie Le Net (France) s.t.
3. Simone Boilard (Canada) s.t.

Double Champion:

Remember his name: Remo Evenepoel

Looking forward to the Sunday's race...

Sean Kelly