Now I'm starting to believe in myself

A devil of a ride on the Hottinger Hill climb.

Can it be?

Rusty Woods has claimed a bronze in the Men's Elite race! An amazing ride and equally historic  for Canada. It's been a long time coming, 34 years since Steve Bauer finished third in Barcelona in 1984 - just a few weeks after he captured Canada's first Olympic medal (silver) in Los Angeles. An incredible achievement from the talented Michael Woods.

"My ears were ringing because the people were so loud and I could hear their cow bells. Even before the race, I told myself I'd try to get inspiration and energy from what the fans bring to the race. There were so many fans today.

Coming from another sport, it's been hard for me to believe that I could win when so (many) good riders are in the field but my stage victory at La Vuelta helped me boost my confidence. Now I'm starting to believe in myself."
- Michael Woods

Canadian results:

Michael Woods (3rd)
Rob Britton (76th)
Antoine Duchesne (DNF)
Hugo Houle (DNF)

Bauer Bronze Power: 1984 Barcelona

Buckle up...

Raise a little Holl!

"We started today with a lot of good options for different parts of the course. After some hiccups with a crash early on, the team did great damage control. Sara did well to climb with front group and Karol-Ann and Leah did great work on the circuit to take a great aggressive move. Ann was just so strong today, and a big congrats to her. Overall, I think this is a big step for Canada, and a clear demonstration that our women are at the world class level on the most challenging course."
- Zach Bell, Manager Team Canada Women's Team

Canadian results:
Karol-Ann Canuel (6th)
Sara Poidevin (14th)
Leah Kirchmann (25th)
Alison Jackson (51st)
Sara Bergen (74th)
Katherine Maine (DNF)