Friday File: Get CX and Tafi's Road to Hell

CX fever for Rochette.
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Last Sunday, Maghlie Rochette took the Pan-American Cyclocross Championships in Midland over hot favourite Ellen Noble. The win was the first ever Canadian Elite Pan-American Championship!

20 years ago.

Online news is abuzz with Andrea Tafi coming closer to his Paris-Roubaix dream. According to Tafi, he has signed with a team that will let him ride the 2019 Paris-Roubaix. He can't reveal the team yet. Tafi had approached Quick-Step Floors boss Patrick Lefevere but that he could not offer him a place on the team. I wasn't sure he would have this chance. Now, with this news, I'm thinking it's a glorious one. 

"The coming months will be hard, but it's something I absolutely want to do. I've found a great team but unfortunately I can't say which one. No one has done this in the history of cycling."
- Andrea Tafi