Montirolo Pass

Stage 16: Lovere - Ponte di Legno

“I knew that my legs were good at the start of the stage and usually after a rest-day you know straight away if you’re going to have problems. So I knew that I felt good so I sat there all day and just conserved and conserved energy. Then we hit the Mortirolo and the race just exploded, the teams started riding harder and harder and then Nibali attacked and I let him get a bit of a gap and then I bridged across to him. I probably could have waited in the group I was with because in the end it all came back together with four or five of us but I think when you’re feeling good and you’re confident then it’s best to ride with an ambitious head. I’m really happy with how I performed. 

“I had teammates up the road when I was riding with Nibali and he wanted me to work on the climb but when it’s at 10/12 percent gradient there’s not much shelter behind someone. Then when we were in the valley we were instructed not to race with them, it was their GC race after all. We were taking a chance that things might come back together with the breakaway riders but it didn’t. Then I sprinted in the end and got fifth and Nibali beat me but I don’t think he was happy with that. It wasn’t a disrespect thing it was just bike racing.”
- Hugh Carthy

Giulio Ciccone conquers stage 16 and KOMs classification

"We're going to use Nibali as a bulldozer to remove Roglic."
- Max Sciandi, DS Movistar

Fausto Manada, 3rd place.