The break

"One of the few times I smiled yesterday was during this interview. I was asked 'what are your chances of winning today?' My response; 'if I was a betting man, I wouldn't put a cent on me.' On stage 11, I was caught in a big pile-up. I managed to get a foot down, but was then hit from behind. In what initially seems like a harmless fall I ended up landing on my radio, and fractured two of my ribs. 

Stage 12 was a hard one. I came into this race with lots of optimism, and with the aim of influencing its outcome. Instead this crash left me dangling at the back, regretting my unfettered optimism. If it were another race I would have abandoned. However to have been selected to race the Tour by EF Education is an honour. To be riding in the world's biggest bike race is something that has not been lost on me. Not many people in this world get the opportunity to live a dream, and for me, this dream ain't over yet."
-Mike Woods, after stage 11.

"Really my main priority here is to help Adam and today was just one of those chances to get up the road, so we'll see how we go in the next few days. We're having a fantastic Tour and long may it continue."
-Simon Yates

"Brutal stage but such a big day out there in France. I race to win, today was close again. Congrats to Simon Yates for this deserved win and thanks to my team for believing in me."
-Gregor Muehlberger