Keep trying to find another gear

For Bjorg Lambrecht

"You have legs or you don't, You can handle the altitude or you can’t. You can handle the heat or you can’t. I’m really good in the altitude and in the heat. I think that’s why I really like this race. 
-Ben Hermans wins on stage 2 to Powder Mountain. Tour of Utah

"We were under enormous pressure by all our rivals but we are a strong team and never succumbed or lost control."
-Ben Hermans. Stage 3 winner

James Piccoli is quietly confirming his GC status, finishing eight-seconds behind winner Ben Hermans in North Salt Lake. Here's the GC after stage 3...

Svein Tuft will retire at the end of the season, but thankfully, will continue to ride on...

"My reason to ride is really the freedom it allows me. It's my meditation. Riding my bike and exploring, I want to do that until I die."
-Svein Tuft