Anything can happen at any moment

Stage 17: The average speed of 50kph for 220km.

"We just dropped the hammer straight out of the neutral. Next thing you know, 40 guys are off the front. The red jersey's not there, so of course, we rode flat out. It was a bit of disbelief, are we really going to do this for 220km? I pretty quickly realized that yeah, we are that stupid."
-Lawson Craddock.

"At one point on the flat we were going 75k and hour. I had a 54/11 and I was spinning at like 110rpm."
-Philippe Gilbert.

"It's not easy to keep up with these riders who weight 70-80kg. The team protected me and we went into the stage expecting this, and everything turned out great."
-Nairo Quintana. Vaults into 2nd on GC.

"I couldn't take them all on."
-Sam Bennett