Icing on the cake


"I was trying to test Roglic and Carapaz. In the end it wasn't enough. I gave it my best - the whole team did for three weeks. I can't complain. It was a real team effort. I'm happy with that and my progression, and I'm proud of myself for showing my ability."

- Hugh Carthy

"I was already very happy, and even ecstatic, to have been able to win the first stage. Winning a second is the icing on the cake, and getting into the top 10 is also hitting the goals we set for ourselves. The Vuelta was already successful, but with two wins and a final top 10, it is even more so. We would have signed up for that from the start."

- David Gaudu

"My way of riding until now has been to be calm in the early parts of the stages and preparing for the decisive moment. But in this Vuelta, I am competing in a different way... and I love it!"

- Guillaume Martin. Who has written books and plays on philosophy and is considered one of the pelotons's true intellectuals.

Guillaume Martin didn't overthink things and duly won the Malliot de la Montana 

A beautiful De Rosa for Guillaume Martin.