Double time


"Everything seemed so easy today, it was incredible!"

-Mark Padun. Winner stage 7 and stage 6.

"To finally win it at 36 years old is a sweet moment."

-Richie Porte

Stage 8 final results

At the summit of the Cote de Chatillon-sur-Cluses (cat. 3)

"A second-place finish in the opening TT at the Tour de Suisse earned Stefan Bissegger the best young rider's jersey. In case he needed any extra motivation, this was his home stage. And with Tom Scully and Jonas Rutsch also in the top ten, we were the best place team on the stage!"
-EF Pro Cycling

"I had special preparation for this year's Tour de Suisse. I can tell you that two weeks ago I would never have imagined sitting here because I was still building up my form and struggling in the first real TT training. I knew exactly what I had to do and executed it perfectly today."
-Stefan Kung

Tom Dumoulin: Back to business

2021 Tour de Suisse Stage 1 ITT results