Leaving chaos behind

"If you've said to me that I'd be leaving a World Champion's jersey for the yellow jersey I would not have believed it. It's a scenario I imagined and I really wanted to do it, it's really super.

My team did a great job and controlled it all day. At the end, I was caught in a crash but we got back and I really had to make the last climb. I had to get rid of the sprinters, it wasn't easy but I gave my best and that was it. I can already say that my Tour is a success."

-Julian Alaphilippe. 

Boivin finished in 31st place @ 0.51secs 

"The two big falls were apocalyptic. We were doing very well in the team until then. We lost a few riders after the first crash. I barely managed to avoid the second crash, it wasn't really ideal for us.

Dan (Martin) didn't go down today and that's a good thing. Hopefully, Mike (Woods) can recover so we still have options when we reach the mountains later on. We have to put this behind us and look forward. There is still a lot of racing to come."

-Guillaume Boivin. Israel Start-Up Nation

"I saw the fall in front of me, there was a huge pile of riders, we had to stay calm. I wasn't caught in a crash, but I was slowed down by the crashes."

-Hugo Houle. Astana


2021 Tour de France stage 1 results