Women's cycling is on the World stage now



"At the start of the day we said, 'You know the rulebook: anything can happen.'And I thought well if at least I am there I can cover something. And when I looked behind no one was there, and I thought, 'Well at least then they have to chase.

We didn't have a chance to dream for so long; it's always been a men's race. I'm so proud that this is where we are, that women's cycling is on the world stage now."

-Lizzie Deignan

"I tried to ride from the front as much as possible. It was really slippery, but apparently, it had to be, this first edition. Maybe it had to be like this, that the first edition had to be in these conditions with the mud and the rain. It's even better that it's now one of the races that will be there every season. It was fantastic to do. The rain, wind, and mud made it a wonderful first edition."

-Marianne Vos

2021 1st Paris-Roubaix Femmes Results

I'm already waiting (anxiously) for next year's second edition... only six months away to be held on April 17. Meanwhile, more good news as the monetary table is turning for the better from this...

To this...

Top Canadian: Alison Jackson 24th place

Emma Norsgaard, 6th place.