Jumbo's Triple Decker, Fine Young Cannibal & Classy Kopecky

Bienvenue au printemps Fran├žais!


After eight years at Cofidis, Christophe Laporte took the offer of the Dutch team, which wanted to expand van Aert's classics train. The Frenchman admitted to having come out of his comfort zone. He agreed to sacrifice a long stay at altitude with lasting benefits.

"Wout told me a kilometer from the finish that it was for me today. It's a great gift. I did not expect to wear this yellow jersey at all. It wasn't planned. If I had been told this morning, I would not necessarily have believed it. I spent three weeks in February (at altitude) away from my family, I'm glad it paid off. The main objective is to have Pimoz placed in the general standings, not necessarily to keep the yellow jersey on my shoulders."

-Christophe Laporte. The twenty-nine-year-old wins his first WorldTour victory and wears the yellow jersey.

Here, you deserve this!

"I have heard many times 'this is the new Merckx' without the conditions being fulfilled, but with Tadej I think we are really there this time. I've always said I don't like to make comparisons. I'm just happy to have been the best of my generation.

It's becoming difficult to find the word to describe what this young guy does. It's spectacular and formidable. Pogacar is a Campionissimo. Considering he's just 23, it's incredible what he's able to do. When he makes a move it's because he's convinced he can pull it off. That's a rare quality that only the great riders have. I really like that he always rides to win. That means he trains hard and prepares everything as well as possible."
Eddy Merckx