I needed that


Daryl Impey, 37-year-old, had a challenging past year, sustained a collarbone fracture and pelvis fracture during the 2021 Ruta del Sol which forced him to learn how to walk again, making today's win even sweeter.

"I needed that. I may be old but I've still got it. I saw a flash of blue to my left and didn't want to take my hands off the bars to celebrate. My last victory was a long time ago when I think about it. The team has gone through a bit of a rough patch this year with sickness and trying to get points so to get the victory today in such a prestigious race is good motivation for us and hopefully it is a start of good things to come.

It's a huge moment for me because I have come through so many difficulties since the crash last year when I broke my pelvis. The last couple of days I have been chickening out in the sprints and putting the brakes on and not being involved. Today, to have the confidence to go for the victory again was already a huge thing for me but to pull off the win is massive so I'm really stoked about that."

-Daryl Impey. his win marks his first in IPT colors and 30th of his career.