The heat is on


Finally a French win? Not quite with 10 km to go for Benjamin Thomas (Cofidis) and Alexis Gougeard (B&B Hotels KTM).

Stage 15: Hottest day so far, 202 km and 40C to Carcassonne.

"It's not to me to decide. We still had a good day because it was flat, but if you have this on a mountain day, obviously in the mountains it's a bit colder. Other sports would be cancelled if it's that warm, but I think mostly in cycling we learn if something bad happens, which is very unfortunate. We could start a little earlier in the morning, also, which probably is not in prime time. But it's like I said, it's not up to us."
-Bob Jungels. Stage 9 winner.

"For me, it was too hot. I was really cooked and had nothing left. Ok, we managed to do a bike race, but it was not pleasant. They can shorten the race."
-Alexander Kristoff

"It would probably be in the top five hottest days. I think today, the team kept us cool, water and ice continually flowing all day to keep ourselves as cool as possible. It's crazy circumstances to ride a bike in, but it's doable with the water and ice."
-Jasper Philipsen