Hoogerheide, Valenciana, Besseges


Best sign in Hoogerheide. 

Every second counts

"I knew I would have to ride the TT just off of feel. At the end of a stage race, it's all just about what you feel and how much you have left in the tank. I'm just so happy I could repay all the hard work that my teammates gave and get some redemption for myself. This feels amazing."
-Neilson Powless

“Things have started well, but I never expected I could do this well. I suffered on a mid-race climb, but I could get through it and across to the lead group on the drop down afterwards. To be honest I never thought the break would stay away. But I played my last card and thanks to that, I got the stage win and the overall. Amazing!”

-Rui Costa 

“Everyone knows the story, we pushed each other for 10 years. I think the crowds would have been different today if it was just me, or just him. We both bring each other and the sport to a higher level. I’ve never seen anything like this in cyclocross. We get worried by the other, but after our careers, we’ll br proud of these battles.

-Mathieu Van der Poel