Tour of Oman Stage 1, Vuelta Ciclista Murcia


Tour of Oman, Stage 1

"This was the only pure sprint so I'm happy, I couldn't be happier in fact, I've been a father less than two weeks and now I can celebrate that with this win. In the sprint, I went a bit too early, but I had what it took to keep the speed, and this gives me a lot of confidence for the future.”
-Tim Merlier

Tour of Oman Stage 1 results

"When I saw the final I thought this is my finish. I meant it was a little bit dangerous coming into the final there but finding good position like that is my thing so, I just made sure I picked the right side of the corners and lined myself up for the finish. Turner just had a better turn of speed than me in that last 100m. But it was great to be there contesting for the win."
-Simon Clarke. Vuelta Ciclista Murcia 2nd place.

Vuelta Ciclista Murcia results